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Friday, September 25


This is my beautiful friend Kate. She has such a perfect preggo belly. Since I had never done maternity pics before, she let me try some of my funky ideas on her. Some of my ideas must have been pretty darn awkward for her, so I appreciate her gutsy awesome-ness! And I will not post those without getting her permission first. But WOW it was SOOOOO FUN!
Hope you like 'em, Kate! Thanks for letting me practice on you! You are beautiful!

As you can see, we did run out of light. But I'd say we used that to our advantage, eh?
I still had more ideas....that being said, stay tuned for a Kate Part II.


Harmony said...

Alecia, those are amazing!! I want to live in st. George just so u can take my pictures!

Tonia said...

Love the pictures. Kate looks awesome!!!

Niki Michael said...

seriously??? you are freaking awesome and amazing!!!! I absolutely love your work:)

Our ABC Family said...

Leesh, you really do an amazing job! I love looking at your pictures! Wish I was good at it!