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Saturday, June 6

Some Family Faves

This awesome family was my first big family shoot! They were so patient with me!! They were so much fun, bubbling with style and personality. These are just some of my faves...of course there are waaaaay more!!


Staci said...

These are GREAT! Again you cease to amaze me. The fact that you actually captured a decent shot w/ my family is amazing! Even though non of the kids are taking it seriously I love it. It makes it more real! Love the ones of me and my babies. Good job I can't wait to see them all!

Marlon and Suzana said...

Hey there I love your pics. My friend, Staci Martin told me about you& I've seen your awesome blog. We live in California but were planning on visiting the Martins in December & maybe we'll be able to get some family pics taken as we will have a new addition in October! How far in advance would you need to be scheduled? Leave a response on my blog or use my email suzana.avalos@gmail.com