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Tuesday, June 30

{L} Brothers

These cute boys are my cousins. Next week you'll get to see the girls. These kids are gorgeous. I absolutely love photographing them.
On the way to this beautiful green location, I asked the boys to choose one of the following:
a) I love having my picture taken
b) I hate having my picture taken
c) I don't care to have my picture taken
Two of them chose c, and can you guess the one that chose b? Yeah, that would be the one in the red. The one that I got the most of. He might hate it , but man he's good at it. He's gonna be a model one day.
I swear these boys had a bet to see who could keep a straight face the longest. They were so serious. They really made me work for those smiles. I like both the serious & smiley ones. Hope you like 'em, Aunt Kenda! There are more!

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