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Thursday, June 11


Yes folks, I hate to say it, but I am doing more changes.
These changes are better for everyone. I hope.
I want to SIMPLIFY.
Things were getting too complicated, even for myself.
So.... I've changed this blog into kind of a website. Look on my sidebar and you will see the changes. There are links there now. Links that go to seperate pages that explain things in greater detail. I was sick of all the messy confusion being on one page!
So...now things are clear and simple.
I hope! Take a look.


Staci said...

Love it!!! The pricing link is perfect and your new pricing is great! Thank you for all you did w/ my family!

The Corbridges said...

Alecia! Your pictures are INCREDIBLE! SERIOUSLY! LIKE AMAZING!!!! As soon as we get back from California I want you take to pics for me okay?