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Wednesday, May 27

NEW- Mini Sessions

My cute and sweet husband brought something to my attention. He mentioned to me that maybe people don't want TONS of pictures. Because that's what I do. I take TONS of pictures. I edit TONS of pictures. I give you TONS of pictures. Well maybe some people just want a few pictures to choose from.
I am starting this new Mini Session thing. If you want to save a little money & time, I have the perfect thing for you! A MINI SESSION!

What this means is you will get:
*40 minutes
*1 location
*up to 6 people
*a CD of 10-20 edited pictures.
*for $30
This works out great if you want a quick family snapshot. Also works out great if you have camera-friendly, happy-natured children. You won't get TONS of pictures, or TONS of variety, but you will get some.
I prefer doing longer sessions, really I do. Especially with kids since they are so unpredictable. I also like knowing that I got a lot of different shots. BUT if this works better for you and your wallet, let me know!

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