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Thursday, April 16

something different

Today was great fun. The weather was wretched and mean. I wanted to try a new location out in Washington fields, but if anyone happened to look out the window at approximately 5:30 pm today you would have seen the problem. Exactly half of St. George was covered in dark thick clouds. The other half was sunny and happy. Can you guess which half I had planned to take pictures? Yup, the gloomy, rotten, evil side. Well, apparently nature had something different in mind for us today.... We went over to Santa Clara instead.
The result was half bad, eh?? (Washington Fields will have to wait another day.)
Here is the cutie I got to photograph today:
Can you guess his nickname is Smiles??
He must have been saving them for someone else. He still stinkin cute though!!

The sun was a little stinky at times. But gosh, we tried anyway!

I realize this photo is blurry. I tried my darndest to fix it cause I love it.

I have started to experiment with color balance to get sort of a "retro" look. I kind of like it. It adds a little somethin somethin. It's not permanent. It can be fixed. Don't worry just yet. Kinda fun though. Personally, I like it like that.

Dontcha love the suitcase idea. Pure genius! His Momma thought of that one. Lovin it!


Anonymous said...

Cute Cute Cute! I love the yellow flowers in them too. Little props are so cute. On my computer, your pics are cut in half. I had the same problem and I had to go in and make them smaller in the HTML. It is so annyoing! But, they look so great!

Staci said...

I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! You are amazing! They are exactly what I wanted and I'm gonna recommend you to everyone. Even though he didn't smile a lot for us, we still love his lil butt face! ;) Thank you so much!

thekimbo said...

Alecia! They turned out great!!!!