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Thursday, March 12

Lollipop+Old Chair+Squirmy 16 month old

This was just too much fun. I couldn't believe Jax actually sat still for 2 seconds. Wait - yes I can, it was that Lollipop!!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how good you are getting! I love the lollipop idea... I've been wanting to do that also! It is so cute. I love tht chair!!! I don't think its ugly at all. I also love the ranch series. That is so awesome you are doing that for your dad. He'll love it and I'm sure you love taking them! What a fun place :)

Unknown said...

hey there cuz-in-law!?
so i'm blogger handicapped- i never know how i am supposed to comment after someone's comment...am i supposed to leave it on my page a hope they check it again? i thought i'd hop over to your site.
i wanted to say thanks for all your awesome comments, they mean a lot! i get like 0-1 comments so i figure no one every really checks it (which is fine too).
you do great stuff too and with the rate you are learning you'll be passing me by in no time!
i got my degree in photo at the 'I," so i've had a bit of help. but mostly i would say you are doing it exactly right- Figure out what you like (portraiture), figure out who does it well, and learn all you can from them and practice like crazy- thats the fast track!
i love that red chair!
oh-and how do you enlarge the picts on the blog?? i'm not sure i will though cuz of copywright issues.
And congrats on getting sealed soon! that is soooo exciting!
sorry so long!
email me at crickett247@hotmail.com and i would love to answer any q's you have!
-crickett thornton

Unknown said...

oh, and i love that song on your site too!