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Wednesday, November 24


Snow is a foreign substance to us here in the desert.
So, I had to basically pick my jaw up off of the ground when we drove up Cedar Mountain today.
Gorgeous. Peaceful. Amazing.

Since I am inspired almost daily by the Pioneer Woman, and because I am in a good mood,
I am going to attempt to explain to you how THIS is done:

Find some snow.
Find a toddler.
Preferably a hyper one who will be willing to throw snow at your lens.
I have one.

Have him throw snow at your lens.

But before you have him do that,
make sure you are doing the following:
-Shoot into backlight. Pretty, afternoon backlight.
-Don't use your flash. I don't know much about flash, but what i do know (i think), is that flash freezes action, and we don't want that.
-Change your settings. Shoot in manual mode. if you're like me, you shoot with your aperture wide open to create the greatest depth of field at all times. Now is not the time for that. Up your aperture to say f11, or f13.
-Your ISO should be higher than 100, but not too high. Experiment. You need it to be high enough that your subject is well lit, but not blown out. I think for this particular shot, my ISO was 400?

If your toddler is still there, and hasn't moved on to the next subject of interest,  point, focus and shoot away. 
Don't take one shot, take lots. Right after another. Unless you're shooting film, then shoot wisely.

Have your toddler do weird , crazy things. This will most likely come natural to them. Keep shooting.
Tell them to throw snow at your lens and keep shooting. If your lens gets ruined, don't blame me though.

Maybe you didn't care how to get these shots.
Or maybe you already knew a way.
Or maybe this didn't make a whole lot of sense.
But I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos ! :)

Happy shooting & Happy Holidays!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

HAAAAA LOVE the pictures....I never took the time to figure out my camera...You really make me want to do better because those pictures are amazing ! I think you have a big talent and you are always at fun locations :)