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Thursday, October 7

Boys, boys, boys

I have sooo many sneak peeks to show!
My computer crashed, and it fooled me into thinking I lost everything, but I actually didn't which was 
an amazing miracle that I'm sooo dang grateful for.

due to that kink in my life, I am behind.

I have lots to edit, & lots to blog! yay!!!!

(that man in the middle is my stinky guy! yep his birthday is next month, so its time for pictures!)


The Terry's said...

so darn cute!

anna said...

i almost just died of cuteness overload.

Anonymous said...

:) This makes me want a son of my own.

SHANEY said...

Alecia!!!! Oh my goodness... I can't wait to see the rest!! Auden looks awesome!! Thank you so so so so much!!!