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Thursday, February 18

Baby Boy {H}

Here are TONS MORE of this sweet baby boy I got to photograph. Now I'm more baby hungry than ever! He's such a sweetheart!

His Momma was cool enough to let me try whatever idea popped into my brain.  Yay- I 've been wanting to use this suitcase somehow!

These next few are probably my faves. that is SUCH a sweet baby face.

this was cool- his uncle is on a mission in Scotland. He sent this kilt & hat home specially for the baby! CUTE

it was really cool that we were able to get so many awake shots that turned out. Usually, babies don't just lay  there awake, and chill.

I loved his cute train room & bedding!

he was looking up at his Mom & Dad. So sweet!

and this face just cracks me up!!