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Monday, March 23

Birthday Boy!

Because his Mommas so awesome, I got to do 2 photoshoots of this cute little baby! Boy, oh boy was this FUN!

These are the exact same picture, I know. But I like them both!

This is the cutest thing probably ever. I love this idea! His Mom made this hat and cake for this shoot! Awesome!

There are WAAAAAY more, of course. But I had to stop somewhere, right?


Greg and Mel said...

AH! those are SO cute! I love the huge cupcake too, you are so talented! We need to get together to do my kids soon!

thekimbo said...

so.... i LOVE all of em!! Thank you so much for doing all of this crazy stuff for me! I have seen your fam blog...just haven't added it.Dax does eat the little veggies, not many, but he does surprisingly. I got some new beads in the mail today, we should get together even if no one else does!

The Dansies said...

so cute! Hey you wanna take some fam pics for Easter? I wanna find myself a new dress first though...