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things to think about

Here are some things to keep in mind when booking with Alecia.

- I am self-taught. I am not perfect, but I try my best!

- Cropping. SLR cameras (the fancy shmancy ones photographers shoot with) don't take photos in regular dimensions. When printing your images, (whether I do it through my pro company or you do it at Wal-mart), there is a possibility that the ends of your photo will be cut off. Sometimes, I might recommend that you don't print at all in a certain size due to this fact. For example: 8x10s are much more of a square shape, and my camera shoots in a rectangle shape. When trying to print a square shaped photo out of a rectangle, sides have to be cut off, right? That's exactly what can happen. When I print your photos, I crop it the way I think looks best. When you get your photos back, don't be surprised if some of them have edges cut off. Its normal, and it had to happen to fit the specific size you wanted.

                                           original dimensions                             8x10 crop

- My photography is art. When I shoot, I try to keep composition in mind. You may not always like my composition, and ask if it can be changed. I can't change it once its been shot that way, and most likely, I shot it that way on purpose. When making your own prints , you can choose to crop out what you wish, therefore changing my composition. But some photos just can't be changed.

- All images are not created equal. This means, that not every photo is going to be perfectly crisp and clear. Although I do strive for that, sometimes it just doesn't happen. Especially when I'm photographing kids. They are so fast and busy, that I don't always have time to set up the perfect shot.

- Editing. Editing takes awhile. I know you are eager to see your photos, and I will most likely post a couple sneak peeks before the 3-4 weeks is up. PLEASE know that editing is A LOT of work. It takes hours and hours on my computer to perfect images. I am a perfectionist with my photography, and I like each photo to look, well, perfect.