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About Me

Hello. I am Alecia & welcome to my photography blog! 

I wish I had a long , cool story about how I came to love photography. But the truth is I'm afraid,  I started out like everyone else. I had a baby, didn't like paying for JC Penney to do a rotten job photographing him when I KNEW I could do better. Bought a camera, taught myself how to use it, and VOILA! (It wasn't quite that easy. there were many tears and trials along the way.)
Basically, I've always loved art and its many forms. I've always had the desire to express myself, in whichever way I could: Music, Writing, and now Photography. I love creating. I truly appreciate art and the artist. I love that with art, there are no rules. There are no rights and wrongs. The beauty and the meaning is completely open to interpretation.
I hope to create images that set me apart from everyone else. And with the photography business booming as it is these days, that's quite the challenge. I want to capture the moment, so later you can see it and smile. Or cry. Or sit and think about it and what it means to you.

I am a self taught, on-location, natural light photographer.This means I have not (YET) taken classes. So, NO I am not going to be perfect. But I will do the very best I can with the situation. I use all natural light (the sun). I like to use open shade, backlight, and window light.

I do not claim to be perfect & I am definitely not magic.

BUT I will promise to put every ounce of my heart & soul into your photo session.

I will go above and beyond what most photographers will do.

And if you are not satisfied, I will try my hardest to change that!


before you choose me, look through my work & make sure I am the right photographer for you!

I am currently specializing in Individual Portraiture. This is where I've learned, I can shine.

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{In My Bag}
Canon 7D
Canon75-300mm f/4 lens
Tamron 17/50mm f/2.8 lens
Sunpak Speedlite PZ42X
Macro filter attachments
A fun, shiny reflector (too big to fit in my bag)
and lots & lots of batteries.